Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wishlist Wednesday

President's Week has me thinking about how quickly spring and summer are creeping up on us and I have to tell you, I can not wait. 

Last year I saw all the different fashion bloggers I follow carrying this AWESOME  architectural bag that looked like a combination of a basket, bird cage, and watermelon slice. Intriguing description? Don't quite believe that it's accurate? 

Judge for yourself because I finally found it! 

 I found this bag by Cult Gaia along with a myriad of variations of it on this website I'd never heard of before "Moda Operandi."

The brands it carries are outside of my frame of reference and super pricey. 
But, there is no harm in looking :) 

So take a peek at the other things I thought were inspiring for summer: 

Jonathan Simkhai was the only designer name that I was vaguely familiar with. I had previously heard of JS from the lovely Lydia Elise Millen's blog/youtube channel.  I've never met Lydia but she has impeccable style and you should absolutely check her out.  

Woven watermelon slice basket has me feeling all sorts of ways... 

I just love this dress. 

It has a comma in the price, 
and I have issues about purchasing clothing with commas, so it's not meant to be but
this is absolutely darling. 
I love the off the shoulder draping and the asymmetrical hemline. 

It's such a feminine dress that the juxtaposition of the football print tickles me immensely. 

Love the draping on this top. Super simple, super chic. 

This basket-bag is made of wicker, with an optional shoulder strap so it can be worn multiple ways. 

Chic and easy, these rose gold flats are so tempting. I love rose gold, it's flattering to most skin tones and is a softer option to other metallics. I love how the silver straps give this a pop of contrast. 

These too... 

Tell me these shoes don't scream Amalfi Coast, styled with a cute little eyelet crop top, a "Gloria hat"  and some light jeans or pencil pants? You can't.

Bye lovelies
xox G 

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