Sunday, October 9, 2016

Doggone Delicious

So, let me start this off by saying that this face right here... 

...was a terror.  

Now that she has gone to super boot camp (he's an actual miracle worker) she is no longer a terror but still the only thing in the world I have an impossible time saying no to. 

Our walks are usually when I have a chance, or really an excuse, to meander around the city and just explore. One of these walks had us stopping by the Roaming Acres stall at the Union Square market and discovered that it is essentially the canine equivalent of Dylan's. After making friends with the guys behind the counter, puppy dog eyeing them for free treats and pretty much bullying me into buying more bones than she knew what to do with I left there with three packs of their Ostrich Pet treats and bones for days... 

Since then, we can't pass Union Square without stopping at the booth and restocking. 

They are fine to keep outside the packaging although they do dry out a little. 
I just cut mine up into training squares after opening the pack and keep them in a glass jar on the counter. 

Make sure to tell people what they are though, during one of our "Sibling Dinner's" one of my brothers mistook them for regular jerky and helped himself to a handful. 
His verdict: dog tested and brother approved. 

If you're in the Union Square area try the treats, your dog (or perhaps even your brother) will love you more for it and if that is not a compelling enough reason... I triple dog dare you! 

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