Monday, October 24, 2016

Dainty Steak and Eggs

My mother is the queen of leftovers. When we were younger,  it was close to impossible to get us to eat anything if it was deemed a "leftover."  Didn't matter if it was our favorite meal in the whole world, if we saw it come out of the refrigerator or go into a tupperware, there would be a mini-mutiny. 

So, my mother became an expert at hiding the leftovers in plain sight. As long as they were presented in a slightly modified way, there was little resistance in getting us to eat. For the purposes of this blog, I've designated them "Dinner Deux."  Anytime a recipe is tagged with that, you will know that it incorporates leftovers of some kind. 

Fast forward to yesterday... 

 I have these great tiny containers that allow me to store/freeze individually portioned amounts of proteins. I had a ridiculous craving for the skirt steak I made the other day.  I defrosted the steak, whipped up some fluffy yellow scramble, and topped it off with garlic chives from the Union Square Market. 


You then have a quick healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that doesn't look like the same thing you had last week. 

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