Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snapshot of Seattle: Delancey

My favorite photo that I took from Delancey. I love the lighting. 

I was visiting Seattle with some of my college friends a few weeks ago and we happened to go to this pizzaria called Delancey 's. 

It was delicious, they make brick oven pizza, NY style, you can find a sample menu on their website if you're curious. And yes, the irony is not lost on me that I crossed the country just to go to a NY style pizza place. But it was damn good. 

The thing about Delanceys that I enjoyed the most though was their bar menu. We had a delicious cheese and charcuterie plate. As well as these to DIE for pretzels served with a course mustard dip that I was obsessed with. 

 I was incredibly impressed with their unusual and whimsically creative drink menu. 
The bartender was nice enough to suggest libations to those of us who were unsure of our choices and all in all it was a great little spot that I would definitely recommend. 

I believe I had an 'Autumn sweater'... and it definitely kept me warm

Pizza- 'nough said.

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