Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brisket on Truffle Butter Toast

A few days ago, we had brisket for dinner, my mother's recipe which includes a variety of spices and your favorite beer, slowly cooked for hours. 

As we had a LOT of leftovers and today I was feeling a little bit lazy, I decided to keep it simple. 

Before the storm we went to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and got a loaf of Pane di Casa (pane rustica).
I toasted a few pieces of the pane rustica and dabbed on a little Black Truffle butter. 

Personally, I love truffles. You can do this with any flavored or herbed butter that you had available. 

As I was toasting the bread I reheated the brisket with a little water to keep it moist add a little pepper on top then yummm. 

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