Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Inside a Christmas Tree - Rolf's NYC

I love Christmas time. 

It's magic. 

If you love Christmas, you need to go to Rolf's now. 

My friend and I have been talking about going to Rolf's for years. 
So, thanks to her excellent planning skills, we were able to snag a table for dinner with a reservation made in October. 
That's right, October. 

Be warned, if you decide to risk coming sans reservation, the earlier you get there the better. The line is easily 40 people deep at all times. 

Holiday 'spirits' flow readily, naughty and nice are indistinguishable, mistletoe all around, what's not to love? 

 Rolf's keeps the decorations up well into the spring, so if you find yourself a little too frozen to wait out the line, I'll see you there in 2017 to explore with a little more elbow room.

P.S. Let's be honest Santa, I really did try this year... 
could my coal at least come a little, I don't know, sparkly? 

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