Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fried Egg with Minutina, Japanese Turnips, & Jerusalem Artichoke

I had never heard of Minutina before I saw it at the market. i looked it up when I got home and found that it goes by other names, including Buckshorn Plantain, or herba stella. 

I decided that for my first time cooking with it I would try it quickly panfried with Jerusalem Artichokes and turnips. 

Minutina tasted a little sweeter than baby spinach and had a baby kale-like texture. If you cannot find minutina, you can replicate this recipe with kale, dandelion leaves,  or spinach. 

If you were to replicate the recipe with dandelion leaves, I would par-boil them first before beginning to sauté them.

After washing and patting dry, I cut my minutina into 1 inch pieces. 

I pan fried the jerusalem artichoke and turnip with paprika in olive oil. 

After the root vegetables have gained the crisp that I wanted, I added the minutina and sautéed for 1-2  minutes until the leaves became a vibrant  green. I then fried an egg and served that egg on top of my greens and root vegetables. 

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